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Playing at Real Casinos Online is every gambler’s dream. This is why we have created this website for players looking for the most exciting casinos available on the internet. Most casino players find casinos and poker rooms from word of mouth or by doing casino searches on the search engines. This former method is a good one if the person telling you about a casino is credible. The problem comes in when you use the latter method: just because some casinos rank high up in the search engines does not mean they are the best. What you can do instead is use our free services to find some of the most admirable casinos without having to do skeptical research by yourself.

Our pledge

When we say Real Online Casinos we mean to say casinos that are not only realistic but ‘real’ in their dealings with the online gambling public. Real online casinos are therefore those that keep to their word; it is easy to advertise great things whilst never delivering what is promised. On our side, we have also conducted thorough research to make sure that the casinos we bring to you are Real online casinos. Some of our methods are the following:

Player Surveys has conducted player surveys where we have asked whether players are happy with the services provided to them by the casinos in question.Some of these surveys come back with negative feedback, which means that casinos carrying disgruntled players in their lobbies are never added to our website. The best online casino Canada just one click away with something for everyone, A Grade casino games and service waiting for you.

Independent Regulators

Most Canadian Online Casinos are usually audited by independent regulators whose job is to make sure that casinos operate according to a code of ethics. They also make sure that the games in these casinos are not rigged and often release payout reports which give players an idea of how much of the wagers are given back to the public. In fact, some of the casinos added on our site will boast positive payout reports for some of their gaming genres! This means that casinos will sometimes pay out over 100% back to players on Video Slots, for example, essentially running this particular section of gaming in their lobby at a loss. This is just another marketing tool Canadian online casinos use to entice players and a positive one as far as you are concerned.

24/7 Support

Another element that one can use to get an opinion on a casino is whether the casino offers player support or not. If a casino does not, it is probably not a good idea to play at its lobby. All the casinos you are about to view here offer some of the best support for players and their queries. Should a problem of any kind arise at any moment during your stay at the casino you should have the option to contact the casino’s agents via a Toll Free Number (which is highly dependent on where you’re calling from), email or the chat window option. Most modern online casinos will have a chat option which can be easily launched from the casino lobby.

It is time to play at a Real Canadian Casino for a change – download a casino today at! Alternatively you can find a wider range of the best online casinos in Canada at


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