Best online slots

Welcome to the Weird and Wonderful World of the Best Online Slots

In the long-forgotten and unimaginable days before the internet, slot machines were the very definition of simple, crude gambling. You’d head off to your local casino arcade, pop a few pennies into the nearest slot machine with a few spinning rows of crude symbols, pull the lever and hope for the best. While the basic principal hasn’t changed that much, online slot machines offer not just greater convenience but a much greater and more enjoyable experience with beautiful graphics, varied themes and much more involved and involving game play.
What online slot game should to play?

Breaking it Down

To get a better idea of what online slot games to go for, here’s a list of the most popular options available.

  • Traditional Online Slots: If you don’t want to venture too far out of familiar territory, there are plenty of online slots games that do their best to replicate the feel of playing a traditional slot machine. These are simple and unfussy but, though they do look better than older real-world slot machines, they hardly make the most of the new technologies on hand.
  • Online Video Slots: With immersive themes, 3D graphics, hi-resolution sounds and wildly varied gameplay, video slots are clearly the future of online slots gaming. Different video slots offer different options, however, some they even share with the more high-end traditional slot machines. Some of these include…
  • Progressive Jackpots: Here’s a slots feature that you could only ever do with these digital, online versions of the game. Simply, progressive jackpots work by taking a small portion of each bet made on a particular video slot game (often across multiple platforms and online casinos) and placing it into a larger pool that keeps growing until someone hits that jackpot. The rewards are often huge and, though difficult to win, require no extra investment from the players.
  • 3-reel vs 5-reel Machines: Online slots come with either three or five reels (rows of symbols) and which one you pick depends on what you’re looking for. 3-reel games are easier to use, are cheaper and the payout is higher than on their 5-reel counterparts. 5-reel games are more advanced, offer more options and are easier to win on but they pay less than 3-reel machines and are more complicated and expensive to play.