Incentives for playing online

Get cash incentives for playing casino games online

You may think the best perk of playing online is the casino welcome bonus. Well you are right! Ok 50% correct. The incentives for playing online extend much further than the bonus offer you get when you sign up!

The games are just part of the package

Playing casino games at an online casino in Canada is just part of the package that you receive when playing at an online casino. Having a selection of over 600 casino games at your fingertips is convenient but being able to play any game whenever you want is convenience to the max. Another benefit is that online casinos update their game selection on a regular basis so there are always new games to play.

Learn about the different bonuses and promotions

A new player at an online casino receives a whole list of benefits that include sign up promotions that match the money deposited by the player, free spins on certain slots games, weekly promotions and monthly special deals.

Before signing up you should take some time to check out the different promotions that are offered and make sure that you will benefit the type of play you will be doing. The free spins offers are great for the players that like slots and want to concentrate on the slots games but they are not ideal for the players that prefer to concentrate on the table games or video poker.

Rewards programmes and other incentives

In addition to the many different promotions, online casino players also can take part in special rewards programmes that have been setup for loyal players. These rewards programmes give players extra money to use at the casino based on the money that they have already spent at the casino.

Other incentives include tournaments and competitions that players can take part in and win extra money or physical gifts that are given to players when they achieve certain goals.

Tournaments include investing a small amount in the game and as a result you may win a lot more if you are the lucky winner.

All of these incentives and promotions are designed to keep the player involved at the casino and attracted to the games in order that he spends more and maybe as a result wins more.